About min

Min is 24 years old, lives in Porto, loves typography to death and cannot see a white surface without having to restrain herself from drawing on it. Sesame street is probably where the alphabet obsession started, then went on with graffiti and pretty books. She always used to nag everyone asking them to pick something for her to draw: "challenge accepted". Nowadays, she works as a designer/illustrator, and coming to think of it, the only difference is that now people pay her to draw those things they ask. Or at least they should. At some point, paper just wasn't enough so she started a t-shirt brand with another designer called "Rivals". Also, she's the art director of a music netlabel called Monster Jinx, a big family she calls her friends.

BA Communication Design at FBAUP (Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto), Porto

Work Experience

Collaboration with A Transformadora

Collaboration with Atelier Martino e Jaña for Guimarães Jazz 2010 posters and general image.
Collaboration with Editora Universidade do Porto with illustrations for the book “Russo para principiantes”

Creative Director
Development of the collections and branding for RIVALS, a clothing brand operating in the high-fashion/streetwear industry.

2007 - Currently
Art Director
Monster Jinx
Direction and creation of all the artwork and branding of a music net-label/platform that distributes and publishes independent projects.

2006 - Currently
Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Group Exhibitions/Publications/Interventions

Illustration published at "Leopardo Surdo", a zine published by Steppin Stone.

Group show - "Circus", Maus Hábitos, Porto.

Group show - "Blyton", curated by Dama Aflita, Pensão Favorita, Porto.

Zine published - “Min & Memes”, b&w xerox, limited to 75 copies.

Group show - “Sabichão”, Galeria Dama Aflita, Porto.

Group show - “Colectiva Pão de Forma”, Ó! Galeria, Porto.

Illustration published at Tigre Deficiente’s Special Edition Calendar

Wood Painting live at Adidas Originals Aliados, Porto

Illustration published at "Colher - Portuguese Illustration"

"Push Click", Montana Shop & Gallery, Lisboa

Feiras Francas, Palácio das Artes, Porto.

Wall Painting live at Bench Store, Porto

“Mutantes e Outros Lugares Estranhos”, curated by Júlio Dolbeth and Rui Vitorino Santos, Galeria dos Leões, Porto.

“Close-Up”, Exposição de Finalistas da Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universi-
dade do Porto, Antiga sede da RDP, Porto.

“Roundsquare Happiness”, Bar 36, Lisboa.

"Sonhos com Moldura", Paços da Cultura, São João da Madeira